Greenpol European Distributor EXPlasma

Greenpol Institute of Enviromental Design

Company specialize in disinfection, plasma sterilization, decontamination and medical hygiene products since 1990. We provide solutions mainly for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Food industry.  We love innovations. We provide best equipment form leading international manufacturers. Greenpol Institute is succesfuly coopereting with european leading manufacturers in the medical industry. Greenpol establish cooperation with CUBE INC in 2019 in order to help manufactrer of EXPlasma have success in Europe. Greenpol duty is to operete with the local european distributors, keep the stock for them, provide sterilant agent, train and promote the product.

Our partners



We have introduced many solutions to the Polish market that help to break the chain of nosocomial infections, increase the safety of patients and staff and facilitate the functioning of facilities. Such solutions include the system of safe and quick disposal of used disposable tableware made of cellulose pulp, as well as used toilet paper while maintaining low operating costs.

Another innovation was the introduction of devices for efficient and user-safe disinfection of the entire room and surface with a dry mist. It replaced the UV lamps, the operation of which is limited.

In 2018, we won an offer competition organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for devices for disinfecting rooms and vehicles. As a result, 17 neonatal ambulances in Poland will be disinfected with NOCOSPRAY.

In 2019, we signed a strategic contract with the Korean manufacturer of EXPLASMA small, compact plasma sterilizers, CUBE INC.

In the years of pandemics of Covid-19 Greenpol achieved 600% growth of Business, thanks to years of bulidind trust with the partners and customers.