Greenpol European Distributor EXPlasma

Offered products

Our plasma sterilizers are innovative and top-quality products on the market. Modern technology of plasma sterilization ensures environmentally safe and extremely fast sterilization of thermolabile materials, delicate tools, appliances and medical accessories.

Greenpol Institute est. in 1990

Greenpol Institute of Enviromental Design specialize in disinfection, sterilization, decontamination and medical hygiene products since 1990. We provide solutions mainly for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Food industry. We provide best equipment form leading international manufacturers. Greenpol Institute is succesfuly coopereting with european leading manufacturers in the medical industry. Greenpol establish cooperation with CUBE INC in 2019 in order to help manufacturer of EXPlasma have success in Europe. Greenpol´s duty is it to operate with the local european distributors, keep the stock for them, provide sterilant agent, train and promote the product. We love innovations. 

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