Greenpol European Distributor EXPlasma

Service and technical support

We offer comprehensive repair, inspection and service of plasma sterilization equipment. Our service technicians are trained specialists who have appropriate qualifications, training in plasma sterilizers and many years of experience in servicing these types of sterilizer roses. We carry out the service throughout Poland and other countries by request. Write to: or fill in the application form on the website.

Repair, inspection and service of medical equipment

We are at your disposal throughout Poland and on the request in other countries. Our service technicians constantly maintain and renew their certificates in order to provide customers with the highest quality services in servicing plasma sterilizers. They are authorized to repair and maintain all devices we offer.

Trained specialists

A team with many years of experience in servicing equipment used in the medical sector, especially plasma sterilizers, as well as nocospray disinfection devices.

Technical support

If a visit is required, we will be with you as soon as possible.

Our support is easily and quickly available online ( or by telephone (+48 797 727 318).